Never, Never, Never Give Up.

Deep Thoughts By Dave Singer.


Never, Never, Never Give Up.

I am avid reader of history.  It tends to give things more of a perspective. History isn’t just about great victories; it is about having the courage to survive many defeats.

Winston Churchill changed parties twice, was called a rat, masterminded the disastrous Dardanelles Campaign in WWI and eventually was brought to power as the second choice for Prime Minister.  When he finally started his tenure as PM, he oversaw defeat after defeat in WWII, losing his only allies, and went on fighting the Nazi’s and Axis powers with Great Britain alone.  Many people at the time, including Joseph Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh and many in Congress thought their ultimate defeat was just a matter of time.

George Washington took over command of the Continental Army to spend most of 1776 in retreat.  His army was a rag tag group of volunteers from disparate states, on one year terms, who struggled to get paid.  The loyalty of many of his men to the fledgling nation was questionable at best, there were American Loyalists to the British Government in their ranks.  They were fighting the best trained, best equipped army in the world.

Lincoln, Ghandi, Mandella all experienced many many defeats personally and professionally before becoming known as some of the greatest leaders of the modern age.  Why is it that these leaders who got knocked down and had every reason in the world to stay down, persisted none the less?

These were people who believed in their cause, believed in their people, and believed in themselves.  As Churchill said “Never, Never, Never Give Up” They knew that each defeat was just one more step towards victory.

Many of us today are facing difficult challenges.  Running businesses with greatly reduced revenue, daily COVID scares, asking staff to take pay reductions to survive and being compassionate to members of the team who are going through their own trials seems an impossible task.  Those out of work or doing their best balance virtual learning for their children, while working it seems an impossible task.

It’s not impossible, it is, however, damn hard.  Having the mental toughness, faith in yourself, and optimism to know that this is just one more step on your journey.  You aren’t a victim, you aren’t defeated, you are just getting stronger.  No one is perfect, all the greatest leaders in history had rough patches.

Be kind and keep the faith.


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