Warehouse of Fixtures offers cubicle refurbishing to our clients to help them reuse as much of their existing furniture assets as possible. Cubicle refurbishing can involve any of four processes: repainting the trim and storage pieces, re-upholstering the panels, making new work surfaces and cutting down the height of the panels. You can use any of these processes to freshen the look of your furniture or make your furniture fit into a different color scheme.

Example 1:

Your old office space had grey walls and trim and your cubicles had light grey fabric, black trim and storage, and white work surface, but your new space has light tan walls. You may decide to re-upholster the panels tan and leave the work surface and trim and storage colors as they are.

Example 2: 

Your old work environment required a lot of privacy, but your new work environment requires an open work environment with lots of collaboration. You can have Warehouse of Fixtures cut down the tall panels to a shorter height to allow employees to collaborate.

Warehouse of Fixtures also offers refurbished or remanufactured office furniture. Whether you are trying to match an existing paint color, fabric or laminate on your furniture we can help.

We offer the following remanufactured systems:

•Steelcase Series 9000 – conventional and options

•Steelcase Avenir

•Herman Miller AO

•Herman Miller Ethospace

•Haworth Places

•Haworth Premise

•Haworth Unigroup

•Knoll Morrison

•Knoll Equity

•Other systems and products are available on special request

•Furniture can be ours or yours