Electro-static Painting


Warehouse of Fixtures offers onsite and offsite electrostatic painting to our clients, to help them re-purpose file cabinets that are older or no longer fit their color scheme. Electrostatic painting uses specialized paint spraying equipment to charge specifically formulated paint as it leaves the spray gun. The positively charged paint is magnetically drawn to grounded metal and therefore able to surround and cover almost any shape.

This spray is superior to traditional painting for many reasons:

Cleanup: It produces almost no over spray and mess

Quality: It fully covers metal surfaces without spattering or clumping

Price: It is cost effective

Durability: Non-porous surfaces prevent pathogens from settling in the paint and ultra hard epoxy finish holds up to heavy use and cleaning solutions

Overall Ease: It is simple to have electrostatic painting done on site, match any paint color, produce almost no mess, repaint in the evenings to prevent downtime for your company and the product is dry and ready to use in one days time.