Your laptop is wrecking your body

Boom all of a sudden working from home or the flexibility to work from home is now the new norm. Your office set up is not available to you at home. Plugging in your laptop and working on your dining room table could be doing long term damage to your body.

The ergonomic issues with the laptops are mainly in the position of the keyboard in relation to the monitor.  The fact that the keyboard is attached to the monitor.  This creates a situation where you either place priority on your keyboard and mouse or monitor.  If the keyboard placement is preferable the monitor is too close to you, causing you to crane your neck or lean back while typing.  If the monitor placement is preferable to keyboard is to far away causing you to reach for keyboard putting unnatural pressure on your arms and shoulders.

These problems can be easily solved by purchasing a standalone monitor, a mouse and a keyboard.  The placement of the monitor should allow you to view it easily without turning or bending your neck.  The keyboard placement should put your arms and the keyboard at roughly a 90 degree angle from your body.

People may be working at home for many more months and spending some time and money to get your work setup right is a good investment in long term health.   Keyboard trays, monitor arms, height adjustable desks, task lighting and good ergonomic chairs are the next level of this investment, but don’t wait to get the perfect setup, start small and stay healthy.

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