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First Command Financial Services – they provide long-term financial planning, banking and insurance services. They focus on building trusting Client-Advisor relationships by meeting face-to-face with service members, federal employees and their families to learn what’s important to them; located in O’Fallon IL. For First Command, value was a priority. They wanted to make sure to provide their staff with adequate privacy, storage, and space, and they wanted to be prepared for future growth. They also wanted to established an workplace with plenty of stability and credibility. Our team had a very strict timeline to follow, and had specific layout that we needed to make work. We work with our clients to meet their budget and schedule as best we can.


Functional planning of your space is first and foremost for us. We can make any space look great, but if it is not organized in a way that best addresses your functional requirements we have not done our job. In order for us to get the schematic layout of your commercial interior right we get into the nitty gritty of what it is your business does, who your employees are, and what is required for each to do their job to the best of their ability. Relocating to a new space, the partners of First Command wanted to create a functional work station for their support staff with a high-end aesthetic. We used laminate on the outside of tall panels to create a feeling of sophistication and as an update to the traditional idea of a well-established bank. To provide cost savings, without compromising the overall functionality of the workstations, we chose “Lite” panels to divide each workstation.


Have we told you lately how much we LOVE what we do?! It’s true. We feel incredibly lucky to come to work every day to design amazing spaces for our commercial interior spaces for our amazing clients. Height adjustable desks were included in each workstation. This was a request of the staff members working in the stations and consequently a priority of the partners of First Command. For added interest to the simple layout of the workstation, they chose to use a light gray for storage above the work surface and a darker gray for storage below the work surface. They also chose to feature blue panel fabric to relate to their logo and company brand. It’s important to us that you have a realistic idea of how much your project could cost and the time it will take to execute it. We work with our clients to meet their budget and schedule as best we can.
"Sara Didon"
First Command Financial Services
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