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CSE moved into a small building that was split level and little open space to work with. CSE replaces all the carpet and painted the walls while we took care of the interior design and space planning. The customer elected to keep the molding and panel details along all of the walls. This molding encroached into the overall dimensions of each room enough that we lost almost 2” around the perimeter of each room. The chair rail was also placed just above desk height which resulted in the tack boards and overheads being installed above this line. It looks great, but is an unusual circumstance.


As they transition into new ownership, CSE wanted to reflect the new brand, but wanted to remain familiar to their existing clients. They wanted to reflect professionalism and success as well as a cutting edge and “hip” image. Our designer worked within a limited color palette and kept the office fresh and stylish. We were unable to create one typical office and use the same solution in each room. They all had to be considered individually. They requested a “minimalist” design approach and wanted to keep it simple, but also wanted to project an image of success. The two tone scheme continued throughout the office and provided cohesiveness while also projecting a “trendsetter” feel.

Designer: Sara Didion


Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that meet and enhance their workspace. Our design provided space planning, installation drawings and specifications for our customers to make sure we maximized all of our resources to create the best workspace for our client.
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