Equal Rights Under The Law For All People

Warehouse of Fixtures believes in St. Louis.
We believe in our fellow citizens’ constitutional right to express themselves through protest.
We believe in equal rights under the law for all people.
We believe in our black coworkers’, friends’ and clients’ right to not fear for their safety from law enforcement.
We believe that law enforcement is an essential part of our community and shouldn’t fear for their safety based on targeted violence.
We believe that the equation does not need to be “either… or…”, “for or against”.
Feeling safe and respected is not a zero-sum game.
We believe that most protesters and most police officers want the same thing, a safe and successful community for all.
We believe that the actions of a few bad actors shouldn’t be used to paint any group with a single brush.
We believe that the showing of humanity by protesters and police in the current unrest is a better representation of the attitudes of our community than the violence shown on the news.
Our hearts break that violence and property damage is harming our community and pray for its swift and peaceful conclusion.
We believe in the St. Louis community.

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