Furniture Liquidation and Acquisitions


Warehouse of Fixtures offers furniture liquidation services. We buy used office furniture to resell to our clients and to resell wholesale to dealers across the country. Companies choose to deal with Warehouse of Fixtures because we offer total furniture removal on the company’s time frame, with professional crews and have never missed a deadline. Our clients include: Boeing, Edward Jones, Wells Fargo, Express Scripts, State Farm and many others.

Our business model requires that we purchase large quantities of like items (eg 50+ cubicles, 5+ matching desks, 10+ matching files, 20+ matching chairs, etc.) We calculate the value of these items based on the projected resale value, current inventory levels, time it takes to sell items and the cost of removal and storage. For sellers looking for a fast and easy way to sell large quantities of office furniture we are one of the best resources around.