Knoll Life Chair


The award-winning Knoll Life Chair features a durable, slim silhouette with a flexible back and a contoured design for all-day comfort. Knoll Life Chairs are incredibly intuitive and easy to adjust. These slim and sleek ergonomic chairs move with your body and adjust quickly and easily to accommodate changing tasks and postures. Optional seat and back toppers provide extra comfort and style and help prolong the life of the chair.

  • Flexible back frame follows user movement and ensures constant support
  • Synchronized recline is counter-balanced by the user’s body weight, eliminating the need to adjust tension when engaged
  • Controls adjust easily from a seated position and are automated wherever possible
  • Flexing seatpan with waterfall edge, plus a unique cut-out pattern with a ribbed under-structure combine to provide a sleek, unique support system that noticeably reduces pressure points
  • Seat slider gives you a wide range of adjustment; the seat cushion moves back or forth a total of four inches
  • Optional adjustable lumbar support is constructed of soft, slow-recovery foam and attaches magnetically


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