Warehouse of Fixtures is a valued partner to the manufacturing and industrial companies in the St. Louis area. Our ability to find quality, cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients has attracted manufacturing firms of all sizes. We can help furnish everything from desks in the plant to the executive offices and conference rooms with new, used, or refurbished office furniture.

Our experienced staff of account representatives meets with every customer to help design and deliver a neat, efficient workplace. We can furnish everything from the desks in the plant to the executive offices and conference rooms. Warehouse of Fixtures’ supply of new, used and refurbished office furniture allows us to provide used furniture in areas that are less visible, like the plant and break room, and new furniture in areas that will be client facing, such as reception areas and conference rooms. This allows our customers to showcase an impressive image to their clients, while providing a clean and functional work space for their employees without overspending. Our vast selection of new furniture also allows us to serve and help our customers as they grow by upgrading their furniture.

These capabilities allow Warehouse of Fixtures to provide a worry-free solution to all office furniture needs.